New Hampshire Senior Games

New Hampshire Senior Games

Team Invitations


Team Captains create the team and invite team members to join.


Normally, the Team Captain is also a player.

Before starting, the Team Captain should have every team player's email address.  FuseSPORT will use this information to send email invitations to each team member.

First the Team Captain enters the email addresses for all the team members (each address is separated by a comma.)

The Team Captain next determines the age division for the team based on the youngest players age and then clicks on the appropriate description.  For example, if the team's youngest player is 57, the team will be in the "Basketball (3 on 3) > Mens > 55+" (55 and up) age division with players of all ages.  For team sports, there are no five year age divisions.

The Captain then enters a code and a team name for the members to search for when they register.

Lastly, the Captain selects the Team State; it can be NH or any other state.

Click Next to finish the process and continue with the next step.  Email invitations will be sent to all your team members after your registration has been paid and completed.

Each team member must register individually and join your team.

You will get an email as each member joins your team.


Here are the detailed steps:

Click "Create or Join a Team"

Click "Create a New Team"

Enter all the team member email addresses separated by commas for the invitations to be sent to.

Select the appropriate age division for you team based on the youngest team members age.

Enter a Team Code and Team Name.

As the Team Captain, click Add Player.

Select the abbreviation for your Team State (normally NH.)

Click OK.

Click Next.

Continue of with the rest of your registration, make the team and any individual payments, and exit the registration process.

Team members will be notified of their invitation from fuseSPORT using the addresses you entered that were separated by commas.


If you encounter a problem creating or joining a team, please send us an email to

and describe your situation so we can help resolve your issue.  Thank you.


Good luck and have a great tournament at the New Hampshire Senior Games!